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Safely migrate your data to the cloud

Where are you storing your data and applications? If you’re still using hardware to store your data, it’s time to modernize. 

Cloud storage is more efficient and prime for automation. Don’t spend precious time and resources manually managing your data. Access your data any time, anywhere when you keep it in the cloud. 

Net Servers helps businesses migrate their data to the cloud. As part of our migration, you enjoy:

  • White-glove service from professionals with decades of experience. 
  • Help finding the right cloud platform for your business. 
  • Cloud strategy with a dedicated Net Servers expert. 
  • Help managing your data lifecycle. 

Interested in creating a private cloud on a dedicated server? Net Servers has a data center for this exact purpose. Enjoy the convenience of the cloud with maximum security.

Why do I need cloud migration?

If you’ve been getting along without the cloud, you might wonder if you truly need to change your data infrastructure. But when you get away from hardware and embrace the cloud, you’ll enjoy benefits like:


Improved performance

Pull the data you need, when you need it. Thanks to our local data center, you enjoy faster speeds.

Meet regulatory requirements

Need to meet security requirements? Net Servers’ cloud solutions guard your data to help you stay compliant.

Cost savings

It’s the truth—cloud solutions are cheaper than hardware. Enjoy reduced costs with a streamlined data infrastructure that supports your business goals.
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