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Net Servers offers custom hosting solutions for businesses.

Net Servers “” is a company dedicated to provide the best and cost effective hosting solutions to clients. We have a team ready to speak to you about the best hosting solution for your business and within your budget. We own our own data centers so we can give you the best deal without worrying about reselling space or servers. We provide secure web, app, database or email hosting services and solutions.


Net Servers was founded by brothers Javier and Manuel Oblitas, who came with the company with decades of experience in the web development and hosting space. Since 2001, the duo has served local business’s IT, hosting, and design needs. The Oblitas brothers founded Net Servers to specifically address the hosting needs of local businesses. Whether through our data center based in San Antonio or through a cloud server across the globe, our clients get the fast, professional hosting help they need. Today, Net Servers boasts a roster of clients from universities to hospitals to media companies. We believe in 24/7 help, reliability, and affordable pricing. Net Servers is honored to lend our passion for technology to use for our clients, offering reliable, secure help when businesses need it most.

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