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Affordable cloud hosting you can rely on.

Transitioning to the cloud is a great way to streamline and modernize your business. But a fully private cloud hosting environment can be a little pricey. Fortunately, businesses can balance the security of a private host with the affordability of a shared host. Managed cloud hosting means you can access your data, software, and more via a remote network with multiple servers. In other words, managed cloud hosting keeps your site speedy and secure without breaking the bank.  

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Why does my business need managed cloud services?

Cloud hosting can get complicated. Businesses rely on Net Servers to handle any hosting issues, like glitches and downtime, so they can enjoy running their business again.

It’s consistent

Managed hosting has plenty of storage protection, which means you’re covered more reliably in the unlikely event of a failure.

Managed hosting is secure

Managed cloud hosting is locked down in a secure environment that protects your valuable data from malicious parties.

It offers always-on peace of mind

If your host goes down, a managed cloud server can help you stay online. It’s the ultimate backup plan.

Managed hosting is affordable

Managed hosting gives businesses the pricing of public cloud packages, but with the security and dependability of private cloud hosting.

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