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Keep your app online—no matter what

Businesses spend so much time and money creating a custom app. Once it’s up and running, it’s easy to think that the hard work is over.

But an app is just like a house: it needs maintenance over time if you want it to function. Don’t let your walls come crashing down. Make sure you set up an app maintenance and coding support plan to future-proof your app.

At a minimum, you should be updating your code at least twice a year. This helps you patch bugs, security problems, and API incompatibilities. And yes, you still need coding maintenance even if you don’t want to update your app features; old code still needs maintenance.


What does app support include?

Not up for maintaining code yourself? We get it. You’ve got a business to run and coding maintenance takes a lot of time to execute efficiently. That’s why Net Servers helps businesses maintain their apps with smart, custom support plans.

Let us take the hassle of code updates off your plate. Get a quote for your custom maintenance package through Net Servers.

All plans include:

Code maintenance

Our team updates your code to match the latest edition of iOS and Android. We’ll also add any necessary security patches and update your APIs.

App audits

How is your app performing? Net Servers evaluates your app on a set schedule to make sure it’s running correctly. In other words, we catch problems before they happen, giving your users the best experience possible.


Net Servers’ team will monitor your app for bugs and user issues. We’ll also track how people use the app, your total number of downloads, and more. It’s a sky-high view of your app performance on a regular schedule.

Enhanced features

Need to add a feature to your app? Iteration is part of app development, after all. Net Servers can work with you to adjust or add certain features as they’re needed.

Protect your app with proper maintenance.

Plans start at $175/mo. Get your custom quote now.

Need help with hosting, too? Net Servers has a package for that.

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