Net Servers Lives And Breathes Server Hosting In San Antonio

While residents often don’t think of San Antonio as a tech city, Net Servers co-founders Manuel and Javier Oblitas know it’s quite the opposite. With clients with only 1 site to Enterprises, Banks or Healthcare organizations all over US, Net Servers proves and supports local San Antonio businesses with high-quality server hosting technologies.

After over 10 years of hosting support, Net Servers has also started offering cloud hosting, too. Originally, Net Servers provided cloud hosting to a select few clients, just based on individual client needs. But with the cloud hosting revolution in full swing, Net Servers is capitalizing on the opportunity.
Now, Net Servers is selling cloud hosting options across the world. With customers in the US, Europe, and Latin America, Net Servers’ clients are already seeing growth. In fact, we’ve seen cloud hosting clients with 20% YOY growth.
The good news is that cloud hosting opens a lot of doors for both Net Servers and its clients. Whether it’s co-location or dedicated private hosting, clients get what they need with Net Servers. In fact, Net Servers is now using Level 3 Communications’ data centers to support more servers.
After bootstrapping a separate venture before Net Servers, the brothers are now streamlining the hosting process based on their past business acumen and client expertise. “Now, we’ll be able to host anywhere in the world,” says Manuel Oblitas.

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